Drip irrigation systems for Canada

Drip Irrigation for Canada
from Newfoundland to
British Columbia

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What is Drip Irrigation?

Drip irrigation is a watering system that uses tubing and drippers to deliver water at low pressure directly to plant roots. Rather than drowning plants in a flood of water, Dripline on a raised bed drip irrigation supplies water drop by drop at a rate so slow that the soil retains the air needed by plant roots for healthy growth.Drippers meter the amount of water

The amount of water for each plant can be controlled exactly for maximum growth. Drip irrigation eliminates most of the loss of water to evaporation, runoff, overspray, erosion and wind. Drip has an efficiency of up to 95% compared to 50 to 65% for overhead sprinklers.

For more information about how to plan, install and maintain a drip irrigation system, visit www.DripIrrigation.ca

Your guide to installing and maintaining a drip irrigation system


Drip Irrigation Across Canada

Across Canada

Drip irrigation is often exempt from summertime municipal water restrictions due to high efficiency. Drip irrigation is 95% efficient compared to 65% for overhead sprinklers. Help your community save water and keep your plants healthy in the hottest, driest summer.

Western Canada

Summer water restrictions are becoming common in coastal communities due to climate change and lack of adequate fresh water supplies.
Semi-arid regions in the Okanagan and across southern Alberta and Saskatewan often have a shortage of water at the height of summer. Drip irrigation eliminates the high loss of evaporation common to sprinkler irrigation in a hot, dry climate.
Drip is ideal for growing new windbreaks (shelterbelts). There is no loss to overspray and wind-blown water.

Central Canada

Clay soils common through central Canada respond well to drip irrigation. Instead of the puddling and runoff common to overhead sprinklers, water from drip irrigation goes straight to the roots and eliminates erosion.
Valuable row crops achieve maximum growth with precision watering by drip irrigation. Avoid wetting leaves and reduce water waste with drip irrigation.
Drip irrigation avoids the mosquito-breeding puddles that often result from overhead sprinklers.

Maritime Provinces

Drip irrigation is the only irrigation technology that works well on hillsides. With the right installation, plants at the top of the slope and those plants at the bottom receive the same amount of water.
Wind has no effect on drip irrigation which is installed close to the ground.


Drip is ideal for row crops


Cut and fit tubing for any garden


Will Drip Irrigation Help Me?

The Canadian growing season is short so it's best to supplement the moisture from rain for consistent watering. Take advantage of our long summer daylight hours and keep your plants healthy with precision watering by drip irrigation. Click here to see case studies of drip irrigation systems in Canada.

Avoid stress in your valued plants from over or under watering. Drip irrigation maintains an even soil dampness so that growth, flowering and fruit set are maximized.

Drip irrigation promotes deep and healthy root growth for best resistance to pests, disease and the stress of our cool nights and hot, sunny days.

Drip irrigation parts are easy to assemble. The only tools you need are garden snips for cutting tubing and a hole punch (available from our store) to install drippers and fittings. The rest of the parts screw or twist together by hand. No glue or special skills required.

Assemble by hand without tools

Uses for Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation is excellent for greenhouses, vegetable and flower gardens, trees, shrubs and patio plants.irrigation systems

Drip irrigation is ideal for row crops, raised beds, wide beds, orchards, flower and shrub beds. Click here to see photos of drip irrigation systems.

Drip irrigation will work with low-pressure gravity-fed water systems if there is sufficient head for the gravity system.

It's easy to automate drip irrigation by adding a battery-operated timer and saving your valuable time for other more important chores. Digital timers can be set to turn on automatically at any time of day and for as long as necessary.

irrigation systemsLow-pressure, low-volume sprayers are ideal for keeping seed beds damp. Also for watering closely-spaced plants in odd-shaped beds. Very fine spray is kept close to the ground for less loss to wind and evaporation.

Benefit from less soil compaction with the small spray droplet size. Radius of spray can be adjusted and varies from 7 to 15 feet. The spray pattern can be full circle, half-circle, quarter circle or bow-tie. Mix and match spray patterns to fit any shape garden bed.

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